Entrepreneur’s Full Start-Up Kit

Having a young, hip, and creative approach, does not mean we do not also have well over
20 years of international experience in building up companies - and their infrastructure!

        Starting up a new business venture?

          We can help you plan and execute: The COMPLETE Start-Up Kit!
          We will even do it for you, and we cover every angle!
(* = consulting, not legal services)

  1. Business Plan
    Define the business, purpose, competitive advantage, the “Elevator speech”,
    projections, and your “pitch”. For venture capital access, for future scalability,
    --- and for a solid foundation.
  2. Name Reservation
    at an early step we secure all the matching names: Domain(s), Google Account,
    Twitter, Facebook User Name, MySpace, YouTube, Picasa, Bebo, etc.
  3. Incorporation
    The foundation of the business: consult* you on options, walk you through it,
    or do it for you (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, DBAs).
    In 2010 alone, we have already helped to incorporate five (5) Delaware C-Corporations.
  4. Banking, Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), and other Business Organizational Issues
    We consult* you on the various requirements and options to set up a strong and safe
    foundation to protect your new venture and its (as well as your own) assets.
    And as much as you want us to, we will set it up with you, or for you as in-depth
    as we legally* can.
  5. Infrastructure
    We can help you organizing and setting up the infrastructure, from all IT
    (Information Technology) aspects, office location and equipment, retail or manufacturing
    facilities, and consult you on staffing, hiring, and other human resources items.
  6. Communication: Network and Telephone
    Internet and network connectivity at the office(s) and for mobile users, secure
    remote access (VPN), intelligent telephone numbers and scalable call routing with
    Voice-over-IP (VoIP), toll-free numbers, and much more.
    We do not resell any service nor make commissions - we simple help you pick
    the best solution for your new venture needs, and help you set it up
    and integrate into your business!
  7. Brand and Logo Design
    Your venture needs a name and a recognizable brand. We have the graphic artists
    to come up with a unique logo you will love.
    Delivered in all necessary formats (JPG/PNG for online use, and AI/EPS
    high-resolution formats for business cards, letterhead and print media, vehicle and
    large display signs, etc. We will even design your business cards, letterhead,
    marketing materials, and store fronts.
  8. Web Site
    Of course - part of our core expertise - we build you a brilliant web site using
    the latest in user experience guidelines, with all the keywords, meta tags, Google
    site verification, XML sitemaps, and the basics you need to get into and stay in
    the search engines (of which really only Google remains relevant) - and maintain it.
  9. E-Commerce / Shopping Carts
    If you plan to sell online in a scalable and automatic fashion, we can set up
    your e-Commerce solution - and maintain it.
  10. Social Media Engagement
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strong component of social media use
    for business. In a casual way you get a lot of otherwise inaccessible customer feedback.
    In addition, you establish a voluntary communication channel to existing and potentially
    new customers to introduce new products, announce specials, seasonal events,
    and changes in your business. It is an advertising channel directly to your customer’s
    desktop and smart mobile phone - and there are no cost-per-clicks involved.
    However, if you plan for a facebook business page, a Twitter channel, FourSquare,
    or any other social media venue, you have to regularly visit and update it
    (stale content has the adverse effect of what you are trying to accomplish).
    We can set up all these channels for you, help to get initial traction, and maintain
    the feeds for you on a daily or weekly basis,
    --- if you plan to spend your time with other priorities.
  11. Online and Print Advertisements
    Like every business, you need to “get the word out”, i.e. create buzz, awareness,
    and attention for your business.
    We come up with creative ways to drive business with online ads with Google,
    Facebook, relevant sites, Custom Craig’s List adverts, and even in print media.
    This also includes producing brochures and direct-mail options.
  12. Data Collection and Analysis - Strategies Revisited
    With our approach to build a solid venture from the start, we collect all accessible data
    for you: so that after a while, we can analyze progress, and re-visit strategies
    based on the findings, to see what works and what does not, so your resources
    can be properly adjusted for maximum impact.

                       (* = Please note: we provide consulting and advice, but not legal services)

As you can see, we can do a lot more for you
than “just” coming up with Original Creative Content!

We do not hang abount ...
if you are ready to take the first step:

Buy your First Start-Up Consulting Session Right Now!
$250 (~£170) for up to 3 hours

Proper Business Plan


If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth (Texas / USA) area:
consulting service provided in person;

otherwise over the telephone,
or plus additional travel expenses (we do travel internationally).

And so you can plan and have a “ball-park” figure:

The entire process as outlined above
runs from about $5,000 (~£3,450) plus 3rd party fees on average.

Proper Business Plan

Everything is registered in Your (Your companies’) name,
and there are no future dependencies which you don’t want.

We build your business like we build our own.

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