Mission Requested:

Build Online Presence, Market the Services, Increase Revenue.
Help with computer support, business services to scale the business.

Mission Accomplished - from 2005 and ongoing today:

Marketing Goal: to promote high-quality Transmission Repairs (Rebuilds),
with special focus on the complex European Transmissions (Mercedes, ZF, etc),
and highlight the exclusive rebuilds of Audi CVT transmissions.
Brand as “” (including domain names, logo, etc).

Domain Names & Linux Hosting, Facebook, Google, Picasa, YouTube, Name Reservations,
Website development, Google Analytics & Reporting, Google Site Verification, FavIcon, .. all the Basics.

Built largest Automotive Repair web site on the Internet
with over 40,000 Pictures and more than 125 Videos (on FixEuro’s YouTube Channel)
translation availabe in 50+ languages, VoIP free calling integration, after-hours emergency support Hunt feature,
in-depth documentation of a complex transmission rebuilt process (only one on the Internet)

Invented Repair Blogging TM/SM

promoting a new level of Repair Honesty by showing actual Diagnostics and Damages.
Repair Blog has now about 900 Albums.

E-Commerce Setup with Google Merchant Services (sell consulting services worldwide, take deposit payments)

Active Social Media Channels and Participation (facebook and twitter).

Online Advertising with Google, Google Partners, Facebook.
Monthly advertisement impressions (Spring 2010): 1,250,000 with 12,500 click-through’s.

Niche marketing in the GLBT market: Dallas Voice Yellow Page listing (only one in the section),
special “Rainbow” discount labor rate. Built significant and loyal customer base in the affluent market.

Company is on Google’s “Favorite Places” lists.

Both Website and Business are GeoTag - enabled for Smart Phone users on the Go.

Active local advertising in Craig’s List and BackPage Automotive Services Section
with complimentary vehicle ads in the ‘For Sale’ sections.

Development of a Franchising Concept.



Shop grew from a single-door, 4-bay local business in Pleasant Grove (Dallas) to a business joining a franchise operation with a global customer base.

High-Dollar transmission rebuilds are being shipped to and from this location from all over the domestic USA, and occasionally from outside the continent.

Technical support services are sold throughout the world, with customers in Moscow, Dubai, Italy, Greece, UK, etc - see Repair Blog. Safely pre-paid through Google Merchant Services.

YouTube Videos enjoy growing popularity and some are earning advertisement revenues, besides promoting the business:

FixEuro Local Biz Listing Google
FixEuro YouTube All Views to 27 MAY 2010
FixEuro YouTube Daily Views to 27 MAY 2010
FixEuro YouTube Demographics to 27 MAY 2010
Google Places

Local Business Directories, Suggested Businesses on Google Maps,
and information for Smart Phone (Google Android, iPhone) users - and COUPONS

FixEuro Google Places to 27 MAY 2010
Google Adwords

and granular Analytics
(SEP 2008 to MAY 2010 shown here)

FixEuro - Traffic Sources Gateway Site Sep 08 to May 10
FixEuro - Traffic Sources Transmission Site Sep 08 to May 10
FixEuro - Traffic Sources BodyShop Site Sep 08 to May 10

Viral Marketing works - it’s not ALL about Search Engines ...:

FixEuro 1
FixEuro 2
FixEuro 3
FixEuro 4
FixEuro 5 ZF 6HP28

(The Google embedded stream does not always work - if you get an error message,
simply double click on the video and watch it on YouTube directly)


Simply by demonstrating the diligence in investigating the debris in a transmission filter,
and making it publicly available through YouTube,
this transmission shop sets itself apart from their competition.

We have produce over 100 video clips for this client,
who now has the largest automotive repair web site on the entire Internet.



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